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Your International Education Partner

EduCo is a leader in the provision of education in major English-speaking countries for students from around the world. Our institutions cater to a broad range of students and offer higher education, university pathway, vocational and English language programs.


With increasing competition for the best international students, EduCo’s unique global platform helps increase the volume, quality, and diversity of our partner’s international student cohort. We help our partner schools build their international student programs through customized international recruitment campaigns. Our in-market teams coordinate and deliver these campaigns and then follow up to ensure enrollment goals are met.


EduCo’s conversion campaigns aim to augment a school’s existing activities and accelerate recruitment results. Our global network of in-country staff members executes and continually tracks each applicant throughout the admissions process, starting with the pre-screening of applications before submission. Once delivered to the institution’s admissions system, EduCo’s in-market staff work with students to assist them at each stage of the process from receiving the letter of admissions, preparing for the visa application process and traveling to the destination school.


With over 100,000 international student success stories across our schools, EduCo is a specialist in the provision of international student support services. Our on-campus staff facilitate the integration of students into local college or university academic and social environment.


EduCo works with partner schools to assist the development of academic pathway programs aimed at increasing the success rates and integration of international students on campus. These programs provide an environment for international students to acquire and develop the academic, language and study skills necessary to thrive in the institution’s academic programs. More information on the efficacy of pathway programs is available on this article written by EduCo’s Group Education Director, Dr. Rodney Gillett.